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Spur Managed Lakers (Again) The Other Night

It was a deceptively close game, for The Lakers, and for “we the fans,” as they kept the score close with The San Antonio Spurs, for the first 42 minutes: Would you believe that The Lakers were only down 1 point at Halftime? Not unless you saw it. Right? I’m going to Staples Center tonight, in a game that is conceivably “winnable” by The Lakers, against The Washington Wizards. That Xavier Henry is back, and hopeful to see Nick Young back on the floor, there is some scoring punch available, again, which was absent from Wednesday’s loss to the visiting Spurs (Jordan Farmar was out due to a groin injury suffered during practice the prior day).

I don’t think I have faltered in my resolve to write about The Lakers after every game, within 24 hours, until now. What needs to be said? All that there ever seems to be is a steady stream of whining about this, that & the other about The Lakers these days, among fans, media reports, even Lakers announcers. And now Phil Jackson leaves, off to the rich pasture of Dolan’s New York Knicks? Kobe is calling for d’Antoni to be fired? I am amazed that so many people believe Phil Jackson as President of New York’s team will be able to inspire The Knicks to better play, or even encourage Melo to stay! Will Carmelo call Dwight Howard back for his “take” on whether or not to stay with The Knicks now they they have Phil? Will Jeannie Buss return the engagement ring he gave her? #iDoNotKnow

What I do know is: The San Antonio Spurs have got to be one of the least flamboyant teams among all professional sports franchises, and yet, they are always within striking distance of another ring, and their top players stick around, along with their coach (Pop is pretty good!), year after year after year. Tony Parker is a great Point Guard! Tim Duncan may be a relic, but he is still a dominant force. Manu Ginobli is still a very valuable piece in their ability to pull off wins vs. the toughest teams in the NBA. But the real genius of the team seems to be finding complimentary players to add to their core group of guys. The Lakers have no answer to Green, Leonard, Splitter… And now add Belinelli, Mills to a lineup that fills out with Boris Diaw, Cory Joseph, and Matt Bonner? Wow!

Spurs 125, Lakers 109 (Recap).

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