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Lakers Ran Into a Wall, Wizards Win

It was a great night to take in a Lakers game, Friday night: the price was right (thanks to StubHub), the seats were great PR10-Row7- Seats12&13, on the aisle. And, after playing their last 4 games against The Spurs and The Thunder, it was conceivably a winnable game (at home, against The Washington Wizards). But The Lakers got off to a bad start: Xavier Henry was just “off” when he came into the game.

It was great to see Xavier Henry on the court, though, and eventually there was also the return to action by Nick Young, Jordan Hill and Steve Nash to enjoy! But The Wizards have John Wall, who was a master at everything while on the court, dishing out 14 assists with his 29 points and 4 rebounds! The Lakers only closed the scoring gap when he was off the floor.

Wizards 117, Lakers 107 (Recap).

Nash ended up with 11 assists for the game, in limited action only 29 assists from overtaking Mark Jackson for #1. Otherwise, the only other thing noteworthy that happened was when The Lakers got the score down to a 7-point deficit but then couldn’t finish at the rim, fouls not called, referees allowing game to deteriorate into a melee that was predictable – Jordan Hill coming to the defense of Nick Young from Dwight Gooden. Then Pau Gasol missed 5 free throws, as well as others, and that was the game (no chance to steal a victory from defeat).

Maybe The Lakers will surprise everyone and beat Memphis tonight. No, I am not on any drugs. It could happen, or not.

Well, now, it’s not actually possible to beat Memphis today because they’re playing Orlando! And leading at Halftime, 55-48!

Go, Lakers!

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