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Lakers Played Magically Well vs. Orlando Last Night w/o Star Power!

Sunday night’s early start surprised me, but I actually expected The Los Angeles Lakers to win Friday and Sunday – unlike Fox Sports radio that now advertises Lakers games like this: “Tune in to find out whether The Lakers can win another game this season!” Friday night, they could have turned defeat into victory with some wizardry; but, Washington did what they needed to do to hold off any surges The Lakers tried to develop. Last night’s victory, though, over Orlando was a bit easier to pull off – somehow. Up 55-48 at Halftime, and only discovering Pau Gasol was unable to finish the game when the players took to the court to start the 2nd Half, they endured a poor 3rd Quarter to then secure the victory with better team play in the 4th Quarter, led by Jordan Hill’s points and rebounds!

Lakers 103, Magic 94 (Recap).

Once Nick Young got hot in the final quarter, the only real contest was between Jordan Hill and Nick Young for who would lead the team in scoring! Jordan Hill hit his career high, with 28 points – and added to that great defense and 13 rebounds! He also hit 10-13 from the Free Throw line! Before Pau Gasol exited the game, he had a +14 rating, but Jordan Hill topped it with a +17 mark! The rest of the team didn’t actually score very well, although Nick Young scoring 26 points on 8-17 wasn’t too bad. The Orlando Magic were coming off a back-to-back game, and their players were off – except for a local, Lancaster talent Dewayne Dedman who went 2-2 in 10 minutes, off the bench, as their only scorer with a + rating (9). Their rookie Victor Oladipo played fairly well, but Arron Afflalo (of UCLA) was off, and they needed more help from their frontline. Tobias Harris played the role of “Lakers killer” well, in the 1st Half.

But the outcome of this game was all about the strong play of Jordan Hill. He commanded the paint, pretty much, on both ends of the court. I was a bit surprised he was allowed to play, after being ejected Friday night, getting between Drew Gooden and Nick Young to protect his teammate. It would have been nice if Kendall Marshall had played a better game, without the presence of Steve Nash after another setback in Friday’s game. Jordan Farmar is still out. Apparently MarShon Brooks has joined Chris Kaman in the coach’s doghouse. Xavier Henry is now nursing a wrist injury? #smh

Go, Lakers!

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