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Lakers Blowout Knicks 127 – 96

This has been one crazy year in the NBA, especially for The Los Angeles Lakers and The New York Knicks; but, this season has had some major disappointments of lackluster play by many teams, and a fewer sprinklings of great performances by the better teams. Tonight, there is no way anybody anywhere on any planet expected The Lakers to score 127 points in a game where they only scored 14 points in the 1st Quarter!

Phil Jackson takes over The Knicks and this massacre happens to his team in Los Angeles? Welcome back, Phil! What else can be said? “We the fans,” and probably the players, for The Lakers wish you had never left. Will we be stuck with Pringles as coach for another season after his offense proved so successful tonight? #sayiitaintso

The Knicks were supposed to be good this year. A Twitter “friend” seemed to believe they would easily repeat their 54 wins from last year, or some such thinking. He went so far as to say, last August, that The Knicks would be better than The Nets! And The Brooklyn Nets, even with how far into the luxury tax they spent money to steal a championship last summer, played just awful to start the season; but, they seem to have picked up the pace since Christmas, or… whenever (more recently). No, “my” Lakers aren’t anywhere near winning 53 games like I had stupidly prognosticated, but they play with heart, with passion, every night! I don’t know what that was by The Knicks tonight, but it didn’t resemble much in the “effort” department.

Is Woodson in “deadman walking” status? Is “D’Antoni”? They both should be, shouldn’t they? How can Phil Jackson have any bearing on either team in his capacity? I don’t understand the management of either team. The Lakers did an amnesty thing with Metta World Peace and then The Knicks sign him, but later waive him (and Beno Udrih)? #idontgetit  

J.R. Smith is supposed to be “instant offense” for The Knicks, but he was a dud tonight. Nick Young, Xavier Henry, Kent Bazemore, Ryan Kelly – The Lakers have some guys they should seriously consider signing in the off-season for a couple more years, if they can sign a high profile guy to close out tough games against top teams, somebody like Carmelo Anthony perhaps? WIll Kobe Bryant ever be able to do that again? Or, is he a decoy guy now, a reliable threat to keep other teams honest on defense? These teams have a lot of work to do this summer. 

Lakers 127, Knicks 96 (Recap).

At one point in the 4th Quarter the stats on TNT showed The Lakers bench outscoring The Knicks bench 66-11. Jordan Hill, who had a career high Sunday night against Orlando with 28 points ended with 9 points on 4-4 shooting and 5 rebounds in 14 minutes! Pau Gasol didn’t play (vertigo). Kobe Bryant is out for the year (knee). Steve Nash wanted to play, but he was a late scratch… Who are these guys?

Of course, Carmelo Anthony as the league’s 2nd best scorer (behind Kevin Durant) didn’t start well, even though The Knicks led after the 1st Quarter 22-14. But Melo finished off an 0-7 start to go 10-21. Turnovers between Felton and Prigioni reached a hefty 11. But no number was more crazy than the amount of points The Lakers scored in the 3rd Quarter: 51. Yes, The Lakers, these D’Antoni-led Lakers of 2013-14 scored FIFTY-ONE POINTS in a 12-minute stretch! That followed up a 36-point 2nd Quarter!

And The Lakers did it with the likes of Xavier Henry playing with a torn ligament in his left wrist, his shooting hand. They did it with contributions by every Lakers player available, including those most recently residing in d’Antoni’s doghouse: Chris Kaman and MarShon Brooks! “Swaggy P” had yet another opportunity for a 4-point play but missed the Free Throw. Xavier Henry made the 1st of 2 Free Throws, then got the rebound off the 2nd shot for a slam dunk where The Knicks fouled him again! Bench scoring at games end: 82-12, Lakers. #wow

Can The Lakers do this again? Parity in this league is at an all-time high, and if March Madness is telling any story then the talent across all schools is beginning to tear away at the fabric of top universities not accustomed to losing early. Dwight Howard left millions on the table to not re-sign with The Lakers who would have gladly paid it! Tonight, somehow The Orlando Magic ended a 9-game losing streak in Portland tonight! The Lakers-Knicks game started on radio only until the OKC-Mavs OT game ended) with a Dallas victory!). Indiana seems to be stumbling into the playoffs. Does that make San Antonio the favorite? Or, is Miami still “top dog”? The NBA is FAN-tastic! The Lakers were great tonight!!! #iwilltakeit

Go, Lakers!

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