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If The Lakers Can Lose to Worst Team in NBA, Why Not Lost All The Rest?

Friday night, The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game, on the road, and it was a doozy – much like the blowout they suffered in recent weeks against The Los Angeles Clippers. But the night before, Thursday in Wisconsin, was way worse, for me, seeing them lose to The Milwaukee Bucks – one of the worst teams in the NBA, maybe even the worst team, unless you consider that honor as belonging to The Philadelphia 76ers. So, last night’s game, Friday night, in Minneapolis-St.Paul, although a train wreck, wasn’t that awful – as awful games go. Sure, any loss by The Lakers is a bad loss, most any year, but against Kevin Love & Crew, The Minnesota Timberwolves, this year, it was somewhat expected. Considering the fact that our head coach, Mike D’Antoni, doesn’t know anything about defense, it wasn’t surprising he would take out our defense-minded small forward, Wesley Johnson, and start offense-minded Kent Bazemore instead. Yeah, that was smart. #not

T’Wolves 143, Lakers 107 (Recap).

Probably more interesting to fans of NBA basketball was The Philadelphia 76ers blowing out The Detroit Pistons 123-98 today, after last winning a game January 29th (that was 2 months ago!). But, for “we the fans” of The Los Angeles Lakers, a game like they played last night still brings some degree of enjoyment – somehow. To be honest, I didn’t watch the game “live,” not completely. I left to pick up my kids from gymnastics and watch them do some interesting stunts. Now, that was fun! And I tweeted Time Warner Cable about their SportsNet channel broadcast being in a foreign language – for the 2nd night in a row! I learned that language to be Korean. #whatever

Off the bench, Rob Sacre, Wesley Johnson and MarShon Brooks played halfway decently. Nikola Pekovic completely outplayed Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman, Kaman only playing for about 5 minutes. Pau Gasol was still out (vertigo, still?). But giving up 41 points in the 1st Quarter was enough for the coaching staff to just play different combinations of guys to continue experimenting with “team chemistry.” Shouldn’t that recipe have become understood before the season started? I know, we lead the league in games lost due to injuries… #blahblahblah

Minnesota made 67% of their shots, Los Angeles 43% – that’s game! How many of these contests are left? Our record is 24-48? #ugh

Well, next Wednesday we might be able to win a game against Sacramento!

Go, Lakers!


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