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Lakers Lose 2nd Quarter, Lose to Warriors

It was good to see Steve Blake playing well, and playing in front of The Staples Center crowd: I just wish he was still with The Los Angeles Lakers, and not playing against us for The Golden State Warriors. It was interesting to see how they utilize him now to anchor their 2nd unit, behind Steph Curry. Also interesting was how David Lee is now coming off the bench for them, which may work out in the long run – possibly. #unexpected

The New York Knicks are fighting for the last playoff spot, in the East, against Atlanta, who has a 2-game lead; but, it also appears that The Hawks, at best, will only lose one more game against a softer schedule to end the season. #misseditbythatmuch

Out here in the Western Conference, the three team battle for 2 spots remains: Dallas, Memphis & Phoenix – The Suns hopes appear to be most like to fade into the sunset. #idontcare 

Warriors 112, Lakers 95 (Recap).

It was an encouraging game, as it began, The Lakers staying with The Warriors until a 34-34 tie. They were tied after a 1st Quarter last second shot by Jordan Farmar at 26-26, but he didn’t play well after that. Honestly, that 32-17 deficit to The Warriors favor to go into Halftime down 15 points was demoralizing. The Warriors aren’t as good as they were last year: they miss Jarrett Jack. Why did he leave? For Cleveland? #smh

Bogut, Speights, Lee, the strength of their frontline, it’s just better than what we can muster out of Hill, Sacre, Kelly. Jordan Hill continues to put up decent numbers, but no matter who he plays for next year, he is a energy guy, off the bench, much like David Lee these days – except Lee has better scoring ability while Hill is better, defensively. Neither guy is tremendously effective against the league’s top talent, but they hold their own, and they are fun to watch, against most teams. #whatever

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