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Lakers Losing Streak Ends @ 7 Games in Utah

If you look at scoring totals from starters tonight you are shaking your head to determine how The Los Angeles Lakers beat The Jazz in Utah tonight. Answer: Nick Young! Off the bench, Nick Young is still giving his “all” to the cause, for a career high no less of 41 points! If Bazemore hadn’t become injured, I wonder if he gets that much opportunity to shoot? #justcurious

Then again, I think Jordan Hill has been one of our best, most consistent players all season long – the problem is that he is an “energy”-guy, a benchplayer on any winning franchise, not a starter. But, he played very well against this other team heading to the lottery…

Lakers 119, Jazz 104 (Recap).

If Jodie Meeks is the most efficient of all the Lakers, as I heard James Worthy just speak of him, you can accept it as high praise – even though some might belittle it as an indicator of how fans have potentially accepted less than the degree of ability necessary for a perennial playoff team to provide the best possible product.

And now we await the lottery selection and possible free agent signings this off-season that will delight Lakers fans again with a season that hopefully includes more wins than losses.

My apologies to those of you that are disappointed by my lack of belief in this management team with this head coach being able to do anything remotely close to being considered remarkable at putting together a team around an aging superstar that will do much better than that.

Go, Lakers! May you be awesome again, sooner than later – please. Goodnight.

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