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How Do Games Like This Happen? Worst Team Beats Best Team in Last Game of Regular Season

So, we endured a lost Lakers season, Lakers fans! Yippeee. Yeah, whatever. Right? It’s time to look forward to the draft, to the lottery, to free agent signings over the Summer. What will the Buss family do? Will they let Mitch Kupchak run the team? Apparently they weren’t too kean on turning over the day-to-day operations to Phil Jackson. Will they wait even 24 hours to fire Mike D’Antoni? Seriously, I can’t imagine him as The Lakers head coach next year. Can you? If he is, will any of us watch? If he is, will any “superstars” sign on to play alongside Kobe Bryant for what may be his last hoorah?

The Lakers beat The Spurs tonight with strong play from Jordan Hill and a supporting cast that play a very balanced “team effort” from start to finish! Why couldn’t they do this more consistently? I seriously doubt that The Spurs didn’t care about this game enough to try to win it, even if Tim Duncan didn’t play. Kawhi Leonard played, and so did Manu Ginobli. But Kendall Marshall played a very productive game from the Point Guard spot: 15 points, 11 assists, and 4-4 from 3-point range!

Ryan Kelly, I think, is somebody that The Lakers should try to keep for next year. But does anybody have any clue what this team will look like come next October? Beyond injuries to Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, those guys coupled with other guys injured right now would field a playoff team most years: Kent Bazemore, Xavier Henry, and Chris Kaman. Is there any faith in the franchise left to believe The Lakers will be that much better next year? So many tough question…

Lakers 113, Spurs 100 (Recap).

I would be very surprised if Wesley Johnson was on this team, again, next year; yet, due to all the injuries, he was forced to play defense on some of the best players in the league – and he might make the right team better, if he was used in that way. Johnson was drafted, in the 1st round, years ago, as a shooter; but, his shot has never been anything but inconsistent in the NBA – which is all you could say about it tonight (5-17) with 11 rebounds. Will Xavier Henry return? Do The Lakers consider him a good enough talent to retain? He was definitely a crowd pleaser, at times. Kendall Marshall may be our only viable Point Guard moving forward, so love him or hate him, we may be stuck with him – and that isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. He is definitely a pass first Point Guard, and his shots have been horrible because of that fact: if he recognized his right to shoot, he has a great stroke when he catches the ball to shoot it. Worthy seems to think he lacks foot speed, and lateral quickness – so…

We shall see what direction The Lakers move in soon enough. For tonight, I am ecstatic that this lackluster group was able to beat the Western Conference #1 Seed heading into the playoffs! To ever beat The San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio anytime of the year is a noteworthy win! To beat The Los Angeles Clippers to start the season and to beat The San Antonio Spurs is total irony amidst the poor season contained within them.

The Lakers end the season on a high note! 27-55

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