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< February 6, 2014 >

Kobe Bryant had played last season as Kobe The Great, Kobe The Warrior, Kobe The Point Guard, facilitating his team any way necessary to inspire them last season into better play: It was starting to work! But he may have performed his best role yet, as the team rallied together for a win without his expertise on court! Instead, Friday’s win over The Indiana Pacers on the road was done with him on the bench, assuming the role of Kobe The (Assistant?) Coach!”

That was last year. We can’t beat teams as loaded with talent as Indiana this year.

“Of those great Lakers of all-time, Kobe Bryant had just about reached that level of play where you could begin to hear people say: he stands out above the rest now. On March 15, 2013, Kobe the Magnificent found a glimpse of his future! Perhaps he will consider coaching after doing a masterful job of orchestrating plays on the sideline, barking out orders as he watched his teammates – unable to play on an ankle he should have chosen to rest & rehab but warrior-like had started the game with before shutting himself down after the 1st Quarter (0-4, 1 assist). But his replacement, Jodie Meeks, knowing this was his shot to shine, as the heir apparent to a soon-to-be retiring (?) Kobe Bryant couldn’t find the net (0-7).”

This season, Jodie Meeks has been a very consistent scorer, and capable defender. But, the team is struggling to find an occasional win. It’s been sad. Instead of a hoped for 51-31 great year, it appears it may be a 31-51 season worth forgetting. But there have been some memorable moments! However, there will be not be an appearance by The Lakers in this year’s playoffs. #bummed

Go, Lakers!

This season has continued to be quite the rollercoaster ride of inconsistency. I said that last year, too. #hmm….. 

“The season has continued to be quite the rollercoaster ride of inconsistency. There was this idea that Dwight Howard would make The Lakers better defensively than staying with Andrew Bynum at the Center position. Maybe that ride is over, and The Lakers have found a new groove. Since the strong performance of Christmas against The New York Knicks there has been little else that has impressed the fan base, not to mention any of the teams The Lakers have played recently.”

This season is like a very long training camp, giving young players an opportunity for management to evaluate their talent to determine whether to offer them a long-term contract, or not. 

“But while the season seems to be full of silver-linings, it’s also been full of false hope! Unfortunately, the gray clouds take longer periods of time to depart than the days with clear blue skies – The Lakers just keep finding new ways to trip over themselves, game after game. I’m surprised the newest head coach hasn’t had a stroke yet.”

D’Antoni the current Lakers coach out-coached Brown the former Lakers coach last night, and – Miracle of all miracles! – the road team that ran out of players won the game! Yes, The Lakers won a game, after a dreadful losing streak with a 70-point 1st Half, and made 18 of their 3-Point shots! Up 37-19 after the 1st Quarter, they were able to hold off a late surge by Cleveland to win 119-108 in a most improbable victory that occurred after the veteran Chris Kaman fouled out (playing only 14 total minutes!) and Rob Sacre had to remain on the court even after picking up his 6th Personal Foul because you can’t field only 4 players! #weird

See my “blog” or “tweets” for more information.

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

Yes, the NBA is still fan-tastic! It is for Lakers fans, most years, at least! Go, Lakers!

I started to “blog“, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012. I wish him luck, now able to play closer to home, for The Philadelphia 76ers!  Well, that was true – for a season. But he never played for them, due to further injuries. Weird. I thought he would become a true dominant Center in the NBA. Instead, he is a drifter – signed by Cleveland, traded to Chicago for Luol Deng and immediately released, then picked up by Indiana? #whatever.

.Things I had written last Spring (2013)….

C’mon, Dwight Howard, sign a long-term contract with us! (Nope. Didn’t happen. Good riddance?)

Will The Los Angeles Lakers secure a winning brand of NBA basketball this season? (Believe it, or not, I thought they could attain to a better record, of 51-31, before the season began! Then, again, I had thought – we had all thought, right? – that Kobe Bryant would surprise the league by playing great after rehabilitating his torn Achilles tendon. But things went sideways, and the season keeps getting more strange with each game played.)

Let’s get a new “dynasty” started!



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