2012-2013 NBA Season: The Lakers are still in Pre-Season Mode ?  (Blog)

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After 20 games, The Lakers were supposed to re-evaluate Mike Brown as a head coach and the effectiveness of his newly-implemented Princeton Offense: He only lasted 5 games before getting fired with a 1-4 record. So far, Bernie Bickerstaff as an interim head coach has had the most successful (4-1) preparing this team to play. But now that Mike D’Antoni has been given the long-term coaching job, instead of Phil Jackson, the struggles of this team haven’t stopped. Would they have stopped, regardless of who was coaching the team? Without Steve Nash, and now without Pau Gasol, what other expectations should anybody have? Dwight Howard is playing before he was expected to be available, and he’s improving – but apparently not fast enough for “we the fans” to be happy – yet. Jordan Hill had played well, bringing great passion & energy off the bench. Antawn Jamison started off well for D’Antoni but is now lost in a fog bank (somehow). Thankfully, Jodie Meeks is doing some good things.

This Lakers team, so far (after the 1st 20 games of this “win now” season), has earned a poor grade: C-.

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.I was a Andrew Bynum fan!  But to get Dwight Howard and to keep Pau Gasol?  Wow!  Pau!  Pau!




The Los Angeles Lakers 2011-2012 Season In Review


May 23, 2012  |  June17, 2012  |  July 7, 2012 (Below)

The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers had a chance to make a deep run into the NBA playoffs of 2012, again, in what was a crazy lockout-shortened, compressed, 66-game season but… they came up short.

I really felt it was going to be the breakout year of Andrew Bynum, but that didn’t happen (the link on Bynum is my first real effort at writing a blog for anybody following me on Twitter). However, his play had continued to improve each and every year, and the 2012-2013 season was no exception to growth curve. Yet, he isn’t quite able to keep his composure during double teams and triple teams – situations which still wind up in a turnover more often than not. Before the All-Star selection of Andrew Bynum for the first time, he was a dynamo! After the All-Star Break, his effectiveness seemed to taper off, as he began to dwell on negative feelings, demanding respect, believing referees should have been giving him preferential treatment like stars of yesteryear. Whatever, right?

Kobe Bryant could have easily won the Scoring Title, but he showed great class in allowing Kevin Durant to keep it – instead of playing in a meaningless last game of the regular season vs. The Sacramento Kings. Pau Gasol continued to struggle as the 3rd option, to 1) Kobe and 2) Andrew… I attribute this calculated mistake to Phil Jackson who changed things up during the playoffs of the previous season… But how else does Andrew Bynum grow into a dominant center? A nice problem to have, perhaps – The Lakers haven’t figured out how to fit these major pieces of the team’s puzzle together effectively, though. Is that necessarily the fault of our new Head Coach, Mike Brown? Maybe not. No training camp. No practices due to a grueling, compressed schedule… Maybe next year will be different? One can hope, right? But still, The Lakers were one of The Elite 8 Teams in the NBA! (Miami, OKC, San Antonio, Chicago, Boston, Memphis, Los Angeles, Indiana)

Getting rid of Lamar Odom didn’t work – for The Lakers, Lamar Odom, The Dallas Mavericks, the fans, for anybody… It crippled the ability of our bench players to provide any relief to the starters… Steve Blake as a starting Point Guard was a mistake: Ramon Sessions performed well in that capacity after we finally traded for him: that trade was more significant by its subtractions than its additions, however. Luke Walton and Jason Kapono had to go. When Derek Fisher left, that raised some eyebrows: fans, teammates, opponents. But, Ramon Sessions played better than Fisher was playing during the regular season. Getting a Point Guard who would actually take the ball to the rim, to help teammates attack the rim, it seemed to work – until the playoffs came around. The Lakers had moments where they looked awesome! Really. Yeah, I know: they didn’t always play “clutch” – yes, they failed in their bid to win a championship this year: some of that is due to David Stern voiding the trade that would have brought Chris Paul to Los Angeles for The Lakers, instead of The Clippers – I don’t imagine anybody who claims to be a fan of NBA action will soon forget that…

But during the playoffs, Sessions just got pummeled into submission by opposing teams: Ty Lawson, Andre Miller, Russell Westbrook, etc. He couldn’t continue to focus on leading the team as he succumbed to the pressures of the opposing defense making his life miserable: that’s when DFish would excel, in past runs to glory. But Jordan Hill was a huge help defensively, up front! I liked that trade, if not for Jordan Hill alone! He played huge, against OKC, in the regular season – forced into action when Peace viciously fouled James Harden. We have Hill’s “Larry Bird” rights, so hopefully we will match any contract offer he might receive from any other team. It remains to be seen how this team will look when the 2012-2013 season begins, after a training camp with Head Coach Mike Brown to be better prepared. Will Matt Barnes still be on the roster? Ron (Metta World Peace) Artest?

Mitch Kupchak has a lot of work to do if The Lakers will become a serious contender for a title again before Kobe Bryant gets too far beyond his prime, beyond his ability to play through pain. What will other teams do to get better through the draft and free agency? The Lakers seem mired financially in luxury tax problems they can’t escape: Is there any hope they will get better? Oh, wait: Steve Nash is going to sign with us? Is that true? Wow! Stunning. Unbelievable. I gotta go.

Go, Lakers!

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  1. runsvold
    15 October 2012 at 6:43 pm

    TWC SportsNet
    The format of the new look Lakers TV channel has been really fun to watch, as they develop content! I like the fact that James Worthy’s “spin” has been preserved from KCAL9 days. And, there is nobody better than Coach Dave Miller to break down x’s and o’s than, perhaps, James Worthy! So, there is a high degree of expertise for breaking down the game before, during & after!
    The editorial things they’re doing with player participation is cute, but I am one of those rare people who likes to breakdown a game “after” I watched it “live”! The encore performance of a game with PIP inserts of post game interviews is a fantastic way to provide a new wrinkle, a new look, at the game with the input of feedback from the players & coaches perspectives!
    2 thumbs up!
    Way to go, Time Warner!
    Let’s go, Lakers!
    If Kobe’s happy, nobody should be unhappy: And Kobe’s grinning ear-to-ear that he’s getting wide open opportunities from Steve Nash at Point Guard. I can’t wait to see Dwight Howard play, to determine what (if any) weaknesses the Lakers might have going forward.
    I seriously doubt the offense will be a problem: defense? That’s still a mystery…

  2. Anonymous
    23 August 2012 at 12:12 pm

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