Lakers Bench Played Clutch vs. OKC!


What Will Kobe Decide? Sit or Play? April 26, 2012

The Lakers Bench Was Amazingly Clutch Today!

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April 22, 2012

I moved a similarly-named previous article HERE: Will The Play of This Year’s Lakers Ever Become Clutch? That title I had written after the last regular season loss to the San Antonio Spurs Friday night but before today’s beating of the Oklahoma City Thunder! Yeah, I know: not funny, the Metta World Peace meltdown (Q: How does a guy go from the euphoria of a dunk immediately into a menacing blow to the head of an opponent? A: I don’t know.) Yes, they won, the Lakers, that is, 114-106, in a 2/OT game with an amazing finish. One notable Lakers fan was certainly overjoyed by the turn of events in the 4th Quarter: Happy Birthday, Jack Nicholson!

The Lakers have looked inconsistent in their ability to win key games against strong opponents because of their lackluster ability to play defense, period. Scoring isn’t a major issue, most nights: Kobe Bryant is more than capable of heaving up a game-winner, if necessary – if the game is close enough for that option to be there. Some nights, others have shown interest in taking on that responsibility – in Kobe’s absence. In their previous game, against the San Antonio Spurs (who won a championship in the only other NBA shortened season due to a labor dispute), the Lakers looked far from great! But the Lakers did keep pace with them – for the first half! It was Kobe Bryant’s first game back, and he seemed fairly effective on offense, shooting 7-12 for a team high 18 points. But Andrew Bynum had a fairly ineffective effort on the court. Questions are flying: Why? I hope the team figures them out soon, with the playoffs only 1 regular season game away from starting now.

But today’s effort by the previously non-existent Lakers “bench” to bring us back from the dead worked out amazingly well today! This game was startling, surprising, stupendous! Comments?

The MWP incident aside, there is also cause for concern that Matt Barnes could be lost for a few games, due to his sprained ankle in today’s game (early, 1st Quarter).

The pressure put on the Lakers to will themselves to a win was left in the previously unproven hands of the deepest members on their bench: Devin Ebanks & Jordan Hill were simply sensational! Steve Blake had a strong contribution, in the second half. And Kobe finally worked his way out of his shooting woes in the 4th Quarter, and played extremely tough defense on Russell Westbrook all game long. What an amazing finish to a double overtime win! And they did it with a defensive tenacity that’s been sorely lacking all season long: Jordan Hill was incredibly effective in the paint. Devin Ebanks just doesn’t ever give up!

Even though these benchwarmers had a ton of missed free throws, it seemed to just lull the Thunder into a sleepy fog that they could steal a win at any moment they chose to make an effort – please! Russell Westbrook says they would win a game like that 9 out of 10 tries? Then why didn’t they win tonight? Is he dismissing his personal responsibility of blowing the game on a 3-22 shooting spree? And some Lakers fans think Kobe should shoot less when shooting poorly: good grief! Was that a dismissal of Kobe’s defense on him? Of course, Kevin Durant took 34 shot to make a paltry 33 points: I credit Devin Ebanks for that!

Maybe I am being naive to believe this game tells a tale of hope for the Lakers to win any round of the playoffs; but, my belief is strong, my hope is high, my confidence riding on the success of an organization that is a proven winner! RECAP | Box Score

Go, Lakers!

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I had written a pro-Bynum piece a little while ago, after the All-Star break, even though I have been – and will always be – a pro-Kobe, pro-Lakers “apologist” (for decades)! My fondness for Bynum is waning, however.

Here’s my rationale on the recent Metta World Peace matter: Is a suspension all that he will get? I hope so! And, the shorter the better, but who knows?

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Only 1  Regular Season Game Left:

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I also wrote a pro-Coach Mike Brown piece recently, titled: Post All-Star Break 2012 Results

Thanks for reading my analysis of The Lakers!

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I wish Head Coach Mike Brown the best of success with the new personnel that he should be better able to assemble into a winning unit, a “team.” GM Mitch Kupchak has done about all he could do to re-create a winning roster after the NBA gave Donald Sterling a sweetheart deal by allowing a trade for PG Chris Paul to go to The Los Angeles Clippers after voiding a trade that would have brought him to the Los Angeles Lakers!

Go, Lakers!

Life is good; God is great! Make it a great day, Ron (atc)”Ski” Runsvold

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P.S. Is it just me, or do you also scratch your head still wondering what David Stern was thinking? The New Orleans Hornets would have been better off with the players from the original trade than who they ended up receiving. And the Golden State Warriors? Monta Ellis gone for an injured Andrew Bogut? Say what? While I’m at it, how did the Bibcats letting Gerald Wallace AND Steven Jackson leave last year make them better? Why weren’t those moves stopped, in the interest of the NBA? The intentionality of these decisions is noticeable: Knock down Goliath’s (Celtics & Lakers) by David’s at any cost! Don’t worry about whether owners are capable of being smart businessmen, with a commissioner like David Stern that isn’t important anymore! I will be laughing my head off if the Lakers v. Celtics rivalry stays strong through all of the dastardly tricks and gimmickry of the NBA front office! I’m just sayin’ –



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(Currently: Lakers 41-24, Clippers 40-26)

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