Los Angeles Lakers

In the NBA’s 2011-2012 regular season, Los Angeles Lakers finished with a record of  41 – 25  : not a 82-game schedule, but a compressed, 66-game schedule due to an NBA lockout imposed on the players that resulted in a late, Christmas Day 2011 start.

The Lakers finished the season with a record that was 7th best, overall, in the league – 4th best in the Western Conference. Within their Pacific Division, they narrowly beat out their co-tenants of Staples Center, The Los Angeles Clippers by 1 game. It took them 7 games to finally push past the Denver Nuggets in the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs, but they succumbed to a very athletic, young Oklahoma City Thunder team that they were able to throttle defensively at times but never able to control completely.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden & Company dispatched The Lakers in a tough 5-game battle, where either team could have been up 3-1 except for an ability to close out games in the final minutes that The Thunder were just better at doing, quite frankly. So, The Lakers are now finishig up “exit interviews” while The Thunder have the dubious task of playing against The San Antonio Spurs to see who will represent the Western Conference for The NBA Championship this year. So far, the Spurs are unebaten in the playoffs. Good luck, Thunder!

Teams did not typically try to practice, since their was very little time between flights to the next game and the next game to do so. 2012 was a weird year, to say the least. How did your team fair? I lucked into being a Los Angeles Lakers fan due to my father having been a lifelong Lakers fan, born & raised in Southern California: What choice did I have? Not that I’m complaining!

But with an elite team, maybe the best team in the NBA, as far as successful organizations are concerned over the course of time, such status also brings high expectations! The Lakers didn’t really have a good chance to win a championship this year after the NBA league office voided a trade that would have brought Chris Paul to The lakers instead of allowing him to come to L.A. in a subsequent trade to play for The Clippers.

I’m just sayin’ – okay, I’ll say it: David Stern has no interest in allowing Kobe Bryant to win a 6th ring, if it can be avoided! I don’t know that he hates The Lakers, because apparently Jerry Buss does things to stay in a good relationship with other owners and The Commissioner; but, of Kobe Bryant, it seems obvious to many fans I speak with that Kobe Bryant is not the face they want to brand their prduct with!

So, we wait ’til next year to see if we can win in the playoffs, playing 5-on-8. Okay, let the games begin. Fans are already playing “General Manager” coming up with crazy trade scenarios… All I know is: The Lakers will try to improve their roster for next season. Period.


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