Sacramento Kings News 2012

With arena deal falling apart, Kings’ future in Sacramento is shaky again

Article by BRIAN MAHONEY  (Associated Press); Updated: April 14, 2012 – 8:46 AM

Excerpt below / Full Article HERE.

Steinberg said in a statement. “Sacramento deserves partners who will live by their word. I stand with the Mayor and the city to do everything possible to protect Sacramento’s interest. I hope the NBA and its owners do not allow this kind of bad behavior to occur without consequences. I look forward to meeting with Mayor Johnson and city officials to consider next steps.”


My Thoughts: The Maloof’s are in financial trouble, and it’s difficult to give up “free cash” – even if such happens at the expense of The Lakers, due to TV contract “rights” shared by local teams. SEE Ramona Shelburne via Twitter@RamonaShelburne, who was the ESPN lead on the Frank McCourt divorce proceedings and sale of Dodgers, for more insight – since Dodgers pending TV deal has provided some insight into reasons to believe that may be a lucrative contract for Magic Johnson & Company – pending MLB approval for new Dodgers owners after putting up a $2B offer to buy the team!

I hope the NBA and its owners do not allow this kind of bad behavior to occur without consequences.

Fans of The Lakers and fans of The Clippers do NOT need this headache! The consequences of the NBA, and David Stern, allowing this move to Southern California are potentially catastrophic! Major market cities for sports franchises need to be run well by owners that care about their teams AND the cities they represent. If issues surrounding the tactics of Frank McCourt and his style of running day-to-day operations of The Dodgers has taught us anything, we don’t need an owner of an NBA team performing at a level worse than… say, Donald Sterling!

Jerry Buss has been a great owner of The Lakers since day #1 that he bought the team! Donald Sterling has finally seen the light, and he has come around to finally provide the city a better product, a team that is fun to watch AND performs at a high level – and not just a profitable ownership situation with no fan appeal. The Maloof’s, in my humble opinion, will turn ALL THREE TEAMS into “The Three Stooges”!!! The only question remaining, if they come down here, is: Who will poke out the eyes of the other first?

  1. Mel R
    14 April 2012 at 1:51 pm

    I think the league should buy the team, then move it to Seattle……

    • runsvold
      14 April 2012 at 3:44 pm

      Why not? I like it! Anything but allowing them a foothold in SoCal…

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