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It’s Showtime now! Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

It’s time to see The Lakers put on L.A.’s royal clothes. It’s time for Lakers fans everywhere to be adorned in purple & gold!

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last Spring. The Lakers appear to be a playoff contender this year. And so, all eyes – at least from the eyes of SoCal fans – turn, in hopes of a grand & glorious season, to…

The Los Angeles Lakers!

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

< November 9, 2012 >


Dwight Howard is the starting Center of The Los Angeles Lakers! Mike Brown is now a former Head Coach for Los Angeles, after starting the season 1-4. See “blog” for more information.

Yes, the NBA is still fan-tastic! It is for Lakers fans, at least! Go, Lakers!

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I started to “blog”, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012. I wish him luck, now able to play closer to home, for The Philadelphia 76ers! C’mon, Dwight Howard, sign a contract with us! Welcome to “Showtime”! Let’s get this “dynasty” thing goin’!



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