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< February 5, 2013 >

Kobe Bryant has reached yet another plateau in his level of play, recently adding Kobe The Point Guard to his resume! He truly is a one-of-a-kind player that only comes around every other generation! He is a little bit like this guy or that guy, but… Kobe Bryant is an original! I don’t believe there will ever be a copycat! He is adding more data that strengthens his hold on consideration as one of the best NBA players of all-time every game! Some of the greatest players of the NBA to ever play are still playing now: Lebron James, Kevin Durant, among others. But Kobe Bryant is most regularly compared with the one name almost universally accepted as the gold standard of greatness: Michael Jordan. If he’s not equal to M.J., for you, of the best Lakers players to ever play, where does he rank for you? The record for NBA points leader still belongs to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and that’s going to be a stretch for even the likes of The Black Mamba to attain to that level of success. Magic Johnson is still a high profile guy in the memories of fans who have watched The Los Angeles Lakers play over decades with triumphant teams.

Of those great Lakers of all-time, Kobe Bryant is standing out above the rest now: Kobe the Shooter has been transformed! Kobe Bryant has been “KOBE The Facilitator,” “KOBE The Playmakers,” “KOBE The Passer,” “KOBE The Rebounder,” “KOBE The Defender,” among other things; but, overall, he has been “Kobe The Magnificent!”

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The one burning question for Lakers fans is: Will Dwight Howard join the ranks of great Centers who played for The Lakers?

This season has continued to be quite the rollercoaster ride of inconsistency. There was this “idea” that Dwight Howard would make The Lakers better defensively than staying with Andrew Bynum at the Center position. Hopefully the heartbeat of The Lakers has been resuscitated from the arrhythmia they were dealing with for long stretches of time. Their pulse seems to have been stabilized by the inclusion of Earl “EZ” Clark into the starting lineup! Yeah, I know: Who? Exactly; yes, that guy that was thrown into the trade for Dwight Howard with Chris Duhon who was just sitting at the end of the bench. Yep, that guy…

Since the strong performance of Christmas against The New York Knicks there has been little else that has impressed the fan base, not to mention any of the teams The Lakers have played recently. Every lead, no matter how large, it’s meaningless: by the 4th Quarter, we’re lucky to be close enough to have a chance at winning most games! Momentum seems to abandon us quickly, due to silly turnovers, bad defense, odd substitutions… The strong performance on Christmas Day to beat The New York Knicks occurred largely by the presence of Metta World Peace coming off the bench to harass Carmelo Anthony on both ends of the court. But MWP hasn’t been very reliable on offense: plus, Mike D’Antoni should’ve never publicly announced that “The Former Ron Artest” needs to be shooting around 6 3-pointers per night! Tonight, Metta World Peace is serving a NBA suspension for a brawl on Sunday where – of all places – he first gained a bad reputation for “The Malice at The Palace” in Detorit. Some things never change… But this season seems to be full of silver-linings! Unfortunately, the gray clouds take long periods of time to depart – The Lakers just keep finding new ways to trip over themselves, game after game. I’m surprised the newest head coach hasn’t had a stroke yet.

Steve Blake is finally available again, after a long rehabilitation for an abdominal strain. Pau Gasol has fought off many ailments, suffering with an ankle injury tonight with 3 seconds left @ Brooklyn in a true test of their metal vs. The Nets! Dwight Howard is still reluctant to play with pain in his right shoulder due to a torn labrum that he had a procedure on last Saturday which hasn’t given him the peace of mind as he had expected to gain from it. According to Dwight Howard, he still has numbness and tingling in his back and down his leg even after surgery almost a year ago – he made that announcement to Stephen A. Smith in an interview this morning, which seemed to catch The Lakers by surprise. I’d be tempted to trade him straight up for Gerald Wallace, myself – since he probably just undermined his own trade value. But what we did to Brooklyn tonight: “Oh me, oh my!” My bad; I’m sorry – yes, I should not, as a loyal Lakers fan, ever quote Ralph Lawler (The Los Angeles Clippers announcer). Antawn Jamison & Jodie Meeks are now out of MDA’s “dog house,” which is a good thing – they used everybody tonight. Well, almost – Will Devin Ebanks ever get time on the court? But the roster to start the 2nd Quarter tonight for The Lakers was scary! Check this out: Rob Sacre, Earl Clark, Jodie Meeks, Chris Duhon and Steve Blake! Are you kidding me? Well, no I am not; but, it worked. By the 3rd Quarter the Lakers led by 13 – although they were losing 77-76 with 5 minutes to play in the 4th Quarter before clamping down defensively on The Brooklyn Nets to secure a 3-game winning streak and great road win!

See my “blog” or “tweets” for more information.

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

Yes, the NBA is still fan-tastic! It is for Lakers fans, at least! Go, Lakers!

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I started to “blog“, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012. I wish him luck, now able to play closer to home, for The Philadelphia 76ers! However, he is apparently enduring complications with a follow-up to knee procedures he has had done in recent years over in Germany.


C’mon, Dwight Howard, sign a long-term contract with us!

Will The Los Angeles Lakers secure a winning brand of NBA basketball this season?

Let’s get a new “dynasty” started!



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