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< August 12, 2012

    The  London  Olympics  2012    


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          Our girls, Victoria and Isabella, are really excited about watching The Olympics this year: they are absolutely fascinated by the gymnastics events being so highly visible…  The USA girls are performing at such a high-level, they seem inspired to reach for such lofty goals as to make The Olympics Team of 2020 themselves!

          I was grateful that this was a non-political year for The Olympcis, for the most part. There was a moment when it seemed to spiral out in that direction, the woman running for Ethipoia having been forced to by her country, even though she had been married for quite some time and was living with her husband in Sweden and wished to compete for her new country.

.          What was particularly gratifying, amidst my pro-American sentiment, and the sentiment of others pulling for the own nation to perform well was: Usain Bolt! Even though he was not an American sprinter, it seemed like the pro-USA commentators deferred to him as much as the crowd did. There were many moments like that, this time around, where I found myself rooting for competitors of other countries – it was fun!

          But mostly, gymnastics & swimming won our hearts, in this household: The USA Women’s Gymnastics Team & our USA Swimming Teams were very exciting for our girls to watch perform, and Mary & I became excited about those events because Victoria 7 Isabella were excited about them! 

.          Have you been enjoying this year’s Olympics events? What has impressed you the most? What are you looking to take away from watching the events this year? Go, U.S.A.!


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  1. runsvold
    13 August 2012 at 8:24 am

    Olympics 2012 Medal Count (corrected):

    Medals…….Gold Silver Bronze Total
    1 USA………(46)….(29)….29…..(104)
    2 China………38…..27……23……..88
    3 Germany….29…..17……19……..65
    4 Russia…….24…..26…..(32)……..82
    5 Korea…….13…….8……..7……..28

  2. runsvold
    13 August 2012 at 7:59 am

    August 13: RECAP – Gabby Douglas caught the hearts of many, as she & the rest of the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team performed well enough during the team events to win Gold! During individual events, there was some agony for many of them, yet Aly Raisman won an appeal for a Bronze Medal on The Beam which seemed to propel her to do well on her Floor Exercise after that! Michael Phelps had a very good haul at his “last” Olympics, winning medals with the USA Men’s Swimming Team, and individually, too. There were some other events that were interesting, but I would say that gymnastics & swimming were of the greatest interest to us. Usain Bolt sprinting was amazing. Team Volleyball, Rowing, Table Tennis, Fencing… there were other events we watched, but none compared to gymnastics & swimming. The USA Women’s Track & Field core of sprinters seemed to perform better than expected; and in the end, USA won the most medals: gold, silver & bronze. China challenged us for the longest time, and I think it was a surprise to some that we managed to pull off a larger medal count than them. I don’t know that such matters, as it’s really a forum for the world’s best athletes to perform against each other in a similar time-frame, at a single location, better able to showcase their talents to a watching worl that might not tune in to singular events and their world championships during off years apart from the spectacle The Olympics is. Until next time. Go, U.S.A.!

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