The Lakers Run Thru the NBA Playoffs 2012


Did You See What Bynum Did?

Will Lakers win NBA Championship in 2012? Yes, They Will!

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April 30, 2012

The playoffs are here! Perhaps you love The Lakers like I do because of their ability to play the best teams with their best effort…

This NBA season, especially for Lakers fans has been like no other!

What makes you happy about this team?

I love the improved play of Andrew Bynum! I like his more aggressive attitude!

Bynum Triple-Double in 1st Game of NBA 2012 Playoffs, Round #1 (vs. Denver Nuggets)

Bynum told Lisa Salters: “The more I play D, the better we’ll be.” What a great grasp he has gained of his importance to this team’s success!

Kobe Bryant is continuing his erratic shooting, which is worrsiome for some, and reminiscent of his anemic shooting in the NBA Finals of 2010 when the Lakers WON in an amazing way… oh, yeah, by playing stellar on DEFENSE!

I had written a pro-Bynum piece a little while ago, after the All-Star break, even though I have been – and will always be – a pro-Kobe, pro-Lakers “apologist” (for decades)! My fondness for Bynum had been waning, however – as the Regular Season was drawing to a close. But he’s back! Bynum’s back-on-track! The Lakers played as a “team,” and the results were as to be expected: a convincing win!

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2012 Regular Season Records: Lakers 41-25, Clippers 40-26

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