The Lakers Lead Nuggets in Round #1: 2-0


The Lakers Held Serve @ Home, But Can They Win On The Road?

May 4, 2012

In many ways, the rest received after the OKC game has created a healthy & happy group of Lakers players that is happening unexpectedly for most NBA analysts but exactly at the right time in the eyes of fans!

Andrew Bynum is a beast down low! His more aggressive attitude is electrifying! Pau Gasol is playing his most superb ball in the last 2 years: rebounding, defending, passing… Jordan Hill was unleashed at a time which has stunned & surprised the league: quite frankly, he is the only one not amazed by his level of play since being traded here from Houston!

The Denver Nuggets will not be able to beat The Los Angeles Lakers by forcing the ball into the paint; period. If they win 2 games in this series, it will be from being able to run The Lakers to death and by indescribably great outside shooting – which I don’t see happening against a defense led by none other than The Lakers main scoring threat: Kobe Bryant. The Unmasked Mamba is not any less of a defensive star than Michael Jordan was. He’s not! Look at the “Advanced Stats” link (below), if you don’t believe me.

And, even with Ron Artest still serving an NBA suspension The Lakers have since discovered another aspect of Devin Ebanks’ game they can take pleasure in: defensive pressure, the likes of Trevor Ariza (allowing Matt Barnes to continue healing, and to make only spot appearances off the bench).

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Nuggets Recap @ LAL @ LAL @DEN @DEN @ LAL @ DEN @ LAL
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Sessions is as speedy as Lawson, and we have starters & bench players as good as anybody Denver can throw on the court. What do The Nuggets have beyond Ty Lawson? Andre Miller, his backup? Wilson Chandler will not be playing, so scratch his name off your list. Gallinari is not scary, not to any players of any of the teams now in the playoffs: he is not a top-tier player. And the rest of their lineup is less athletic, less capable, of enduring a 7-Game series. What’s the Nuggets advantage? Altitude. They might be able to run us out of breath; but, if they don’t, then this series is over in less than 7 games…

Basketball is fundamentally a game of execution: executing a gameplan the other team can’t counter-attack. Basketball was created with “roles” for players to perform: PG, assists; SG, shooting; SF, shooting; PF, defense, rebounds; C, defense, rebounds, blocks, tip-ins… The Lakers only trade out duties with Ebanks defending and Gasol shooting & rebounds; otherwise, each player on this team complements each other – beautifully! The Lakers are a “team” of size & length with the best chance to beat The Thunder & The Spurs to repesent the Western Conference in The Finals against The Miami Heat: Why? Size & Length: defense! Once Metta World Peace / Ron Artest is back next round, and Matt Barnes is 100%, I believe The Lakers will steamroll over every opponent because they are finally – only now – playing the defense they are capable of, that nobody saw them play during most of the regular season!

Bynum told Lisa Salters after Game 1: “The more I play D, the better we’ll be.”

What a great grasp Bynum has gained of his value to this team’s success this season!

I believe The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win the championship!

How about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment

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