The Lakers Lead in Round #1 vs. Nuggets: 3-1


The Lakers Held Serve @ Home, and Win A Game On The Road!

May 7, 2012

Jordan Hill is a beast down low! His aggressive play off the bench was huge in Game 4 win!

The Lakers can wrap up the series in Game 5 at home on Tuesday, never to play at high altitude again for the rest of this year’s playoffs! Gasol played a solid game, Bynum was effective throughout, in a tough battle underneath the basket at both ends of the floor, and Kobe was Kobe – lethal at times, occasionally trying to do too much (hands/wrists seem to be hurting him), but also trusting his teammates at times when he might otherwise have gone 1-on-1. Trusting Blake late, after Blake was a “Bla(n)ke early, paid huge dividends! Sessions & Blake both hit “Fisher-esque” dagger 3s late in the game, but it was Jordan Hill’s presence off the bench, in the paint, that gave Denver the most trouble.

Some analysts say “altitude” played a role; others are dismissive of that as an “excuse.” The Lakers radio play-by-play man, John Ireland (w/Steve Mason) had Steve Brenkus of “Sports Science” on their ESPN LA 710AM radio show on as I drove to work today: the segment was about the validity of the effect of altitude on players in the thin air of Denver, Colorado. It was very interesting. I am reminded of statistical information from high school as a cross-country runner of how running at high altitude like that is similar to running on a smoggy day in L.A. where you might be getting only about 80% of the oxygen available vs. that of a clean air day. Anyway, as The Lakers advance vs. OKC and San Antonio to play either Miami or Boston, all games will be somewhere near sea level! So, the altitude test is over – if they do what they need to do, and close out the series tomorrow night.

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Let’s go, Lakers! Wrap up this series ASAP! You can do it! The gameplan of slowing the ball down, walking it up court, feeding the low post, attacking the rim, playing tough defense, rebounding and minimizing turnovers is working! The bench players have been whittled down to a playoff rotation of only 8 guys: Barnes playing limited effective minutes is giving Blake & Hill great opportunity to contribute, and they are taking full advantage of it.

Tonight, I expect the gameplan to remain the same: keep the pace slowed way down, minimize the effect of Ty Lawson’s speed and Andre Miller’s craftiness, force a bad 3-point shooting to resort to jumpers by preventing them entry into the paint. And the result will be: The Lakers will come out victorious!

I believe The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win the championship!

How about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment

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