Will The Lakers Finish Round #1 vs. Nuggets with a Win Tonight?

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The Lakers Need to Play to Their Strengths, to Play More Intelligently

May 10, 2012

Will The Real Andrew Bynum Please Stand Up!

The Lakers could have wrapped up the series in Game 5, Tuesday night, at home – never to play at high altitude again for the rest of this year’s playoffs! But that’s simply not the case, because they were stagnant, complacent, dysfunctional – in a word, they were horrible!

Will Kobe Bryant Play Tonight (with the stomach flu) ???

Kobe Bryant had almost singlehandedly willed The Lakers to a victory! That may not be an option tonight, since he is sick and possibly unavailable to play. The Lakers were ragged, lazy, confused, sluggish – and The Nuggets weren’t much better, if you consider that the game should have never been as close as the score indicates, Tuesday.

Will The Lakers “bench” be able to provide an effective contribution?

Tonight, the effort by The Lakers will have to be focused, attentive to opportunities, persevering through all adversity – real & imagined! – if they care to try to end the series with/without Kobe. The Lakers bench is ranked worst in the league, so this expectation comes with huge reservations. Perhaps they actually want to play a Game #7? That’s a risky proposition, especially against an opponent they have chosen to take too lightly so far.

Stating The Obvious: I Have To! Don’t I?

The Lakers should have run away for a 20-point victory Tuesday night! The Lakers could pull off a 20-point win tonight, if they care enough to care enough – if they care enough to prove to the world that they are a dominant team when their Center, Mr. Andrew Bynum, brings his A+ Game! What might be different with their approach if Kobe doesn’t play? He provides a defensive pressure that The Nuggets respect when he’s on the floor: without him, a total team effort is absolutely, 100% necessary! Of course, The Nuggets finding out that The Lakers are packed to fly to Oklahoma City and not back to Los Angeles is new fuel to inspire them that we should have done better to avoid. Oops! Again. Geez!

A Plea to Andrew Bynum

Andrew: Bring it! Tonight! Bring your A+ Game and let’s be done with thise first playoffs opponent! Do not give them any more life! When you play D, your team is so dominant they cannot fail! Play D, please. Please!


The Lakers did not deserve to win that game Tuesday night. But, they almost did anyways. Except that the coach for the other team is really good, George Karl: he knows his players, and he knows how to substitute with precision! Ty Lawson was lost in the shuffle in favor of Andre Miller, and down the stretch we had no answers for anything Miller wanted to dream up on the court. Hopefully tonight’s game will play out much differently.

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Some Things Never Change: It’s the “Coach” in me!

Let’s go, Lakers! Wrap up this series ASAP! You can do it! The gameplan of slowing the ball down, walking it up court, feeding the low post, attacking the rim, playing tough defense, rebounding and minimizing turnovers it was working! The bench players have been whittled down to a playoff rotation of only 8 guys: Barnes playing limited effective minutes is giving Blake & Hill great opportunity to contribute, and they had been taking full advantage of it. Will they tonight? Let’s hope so.

Extra “Fan” Stuff: “Silver Linings”

One of those “silver linings” is that KCAL9 now gets to show one last Lakers road game, unexpectedly – an encore performance of “The Worthy Spin” with James Worthy & James Hill: yippeee!!!! And the other one some like to mention is: Metta World Peace will not miss even one game vs. OKC, if we survive to play them. Matter of fact, if The Lakers lose Thursday in Denver then MWP will get to play the final game of this 1st round series @ home vs. Denver… Will that be a conditioning game? Will he be needed? Will he be capable of performing at a high enough level that we can even chance putting him out on the floor? This series just became very, very interesting… I am not happy about it

I still say I believe The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win the championship!

How about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment

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