Lakers Beat Nuggets in a Down to The Wire Game #7 Finish!

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Lakers Pull Off a Round #1, Game #7 Win, 96-87

< May 12, 2012 >

Did The Real Andrew Bynum Show Up?

The Lakers Did What They Needed To Do:

They finally Played to Their Strengths, and Played More Intelligently

Kobe Bryant had almost singlehandedly willed The Lakers to a victory! Oh, wait… that was Game 5. My bad. He played even better in Denver, Game 6, with the stomach flu – it was his teammates that looked sick, in comparison.

Pau Gasol Led The Lakers in Scoring!

Tonight, Kobe Bryant could not hit the easiest of all shots: Free Throws! It didn’t matter, since Pau Gasol & Andrew Bynum hit theirs! Instead, we saw a patient Kobe, a passing Kobe – with assists to Blake & MWP hitting 3s! We also saw the Lakers’ “bigs” set a NBA all-time record of 30 points, 30 rebounds, 20 offensive rebounds, 10 blocks… it was huge!

Did Anybody Believe They Could Do It…? The Lakers played as a “team”!

Steve Blake came off the bench to hit 5-5 from 3-pt range before missing one at the end of the game, when the outcome was already decided. Big-time Blake with what Dave McMenamin tweeted @mcten as a “Bookend Blake” performance in Round #1 with best games being Game 1 and Game 7. Who knew? Just bench him for Goudelock Games 2-6 and Lakers will be fine, right? It’s not such a bad idea, is it? Sorry, Steve.

Round #2 will require a more consistent effort from the bench than we got away with in Round #1.

MWP back in the lineup certainly gave us a better defensive pressure on the ball that was sorely missing. Maybe that puts less pressure on our bench players to perform? Who knows. Would such matters allow the bench players who do get to play to play more effectively when they do get their number called to perform? At any rate, the division of responsibilities, the pace, the spacing, the tempo, the defense, the rebounding, the effort, it was all “better” tonight!

Great team win!

Great team effort!

Thank you, Lakers!


The Lakers deserved to win tonight! They played great!

The 1st 42 minutes were fought down-in-the trenches, The Lakers making an 18-4 run in the 3rd Quarter that Denver was able to counter with a 15-4 run of their own plus a surge in the 4th Quarter that gave them a brief lead. But, the NBA is a game of “runs” which fell to The Lakers to close out the game, the final result known 3 minutes before the horn sounded. It was in those last 6 minutes that The Lakers established their dominance, controlling the boards, controlling the clock, defending every shot, tapping at every loose ball. That tenacity is something they had been lacking in the last 2 games: the disappointing loss @ Home Game #5 and Game #6 loss in Denver that left fans shaking their heads in disbelief that our team could play so awful in closeout games. They’re newfound tenacity is going to be needed vs. Oklahoma City!

The playoffs are all about discovering how well teams play under pressure, and which coach is more capable of countering with effective personnel chnages: Who knows their teammates’ strengths & weaknesses best and which coach can take advantage of matchups “in the moment” as game conditions change throughout a game is discovered by the score at the end of such contests. Scott Brooks has been with his team for a few years now, Mike Brown is a 1st year coach of a very talented team: This Round #2 matchup can go either way, based on talent alone. What the tipping point is remains to be discovered.

The Lakers did not deserve to win the games Tuesday night or Thursday night. That coach for the other team is really good, George Karl: he knows his players, and he knows how to substitute with precision! This rubber match to decide who would advance to Round #2 was a different story: Brown’s boys were focused to the task at hand, but Karl’s group seemed to suffer from low altitude sickness!


Denver became stuck in a lineup they could not sub out of! The Nuggies became thoroughly exhausted! Andre Miller had maybe one of his worst shooting games as a pro, but he was left out there for defense, rebounding & assists – it just didn’t work. Assets were spread too thin…

The Lakers, on the other hand, seemed to be run like a well-oiled machine Credit: Head Coach Mike Brown! The biggest hurdle for The Lakers going forward will be consistency, from the coaching and from the players to execute their strategy. I hope Head Coach Mike Brown has had some of his assistants working on a gameplan. If they haven’t, just show this game as an in-flight movie on the trip to Oklahoma – that might suffice!

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s go!

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I still say I believe The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win the championship!

How about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment

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