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The Lakers Need a Win!

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The Lakers Still Can Be The Tenacious Team They Need To Be, if They Want to Rise Above the Youth & Athleticism of OKC

< May 18, 2012 RECAP

The Lakers played as good as any “team” is capable of playing

adequate defense to beat an NBA opponent in the playoffs.

The Lakers Made Adjustments Game #2:

Will Mike Brown’s gameplan be followed tonight?

Pre-Game Analysis

In Game #2, The Lakers came prepared!

The Lakers came with a winning formula! Coach Brown did his homework! It was ugly, it was slow, but The Lakers did find a way to slow OKC down and limit their scoring machines with DEFENSE !!! The result: Round #2 tied up, 1-1? Not exactly. Almost! With 2 minutes left to play, The Lakers led 75-68.

Game #2 Final Score: OKC 77, Lakers 75.

Lakers down 0-2, leaves them down but not out! Some say losing such a close contest hurst more than the blowout Game #1 loss, 119-90; but I disagree. The Lakers know what works, what doesn’t work – now they just have to go to work, and get their work done! “Kobe: Doing Work. A Spike Lee Joint” – did you see the movie/documentary? Instead, let’s see: “Lakers Doing Work!” The result will be worth it! Let’s win this thing!

No, it wasn’t Steve Blake’s fault that he missed a wide-open shot at the end of that game! OKC wasn’t letting anybody score to start the 4th Quarter! MWP clanked a few before Coach Brown rushed Kobe & Andrew back into the game. On the last possession, OKC was NOT going to let Kobe Bryant touch the ball! I bet the referee standing beside MWP was minisculely close to whistling a 5 second violation on the inbounds play! It was obvious that the desire was for Kobe to get open for the inbounds pass. But to Steve Blake the ball went, and it rimmed off. In fairness, Blake had hit a 3-pointer after Kobe had last scored, before we had a 75-68 lead (never to score again).

The Lakers deserved to win Game #2, if the game had ended after 46 minutes. The Lakers discovered an effective strategy that totally throttled The Oklahoma City Thunder offense. Will that same strategy be deployed tonight, in Game #3? Will The Lakers playing a “home” game give them a boost of energy from their fans? Will they play with a sense of urgency?

The Lakers can still win Round #2! But they have to hold serve on their home court and win at least one of 2 game on the road. Will they? That’s why I’ll be watching! Will you be watching? I know they can win; the question is simply: Will they?

“Obvious”-ly, to borrow Bynum’s word, they need to play well for a full 48 minutes if they expect to beat OKC at home or on the road. If there is such a thing as “home court advantage,” I’m looking forward to The Lakers making this series a “Best of 3” scramble for rights to play in the Western Conference Finals!

It might be fun to play The Clippers if they can get by The San Antonio Spurs! It would be great to keep Staples Center buzzing with a fury of activity for a few more weeks! The Los Angeles Kings hockey team is doing their part: Go, Kings! Does anybody else want to see us develop a cross-town rivalry that The Knicks & The Nets could only dream of? I look at it as another opportunity to show The Clippers who’s “top dog” in Los Angeles!

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s go!

The playoffs are all about discovering how well teams play under pressure, and which coach is more capable of countering with effective personnel changes: Who knows their team’s strengths & weaknesses best and which coach can take advantage of matchups “in the moment” as game conditions change throughout a game? Scott Brooks has been with his team for a few years now, Mike Brown is a 1st year coach of a very talented team: This Round #2 matchup can go either way, based on talent alone. What the tipping point is remains to be discovered. Will it be coaching? Respect? Tenacity? Fundamentals? Individual talent?

NBA Scoreboard | Playoff Matchups After Regular Season | Playoffs Positions Now

I still say I believe The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win the championship!

How about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment

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