K i n g s W i n ! T h e L o s A n g e l e s K i n g s W i n !



Game 3, Stanley Cup Finals


New Jersey Devils lose @ Staples Center: 4-0.


Kings up 3-0! Stanley Cup ONE Victory away! Go, Kings!





SoCal Sports Are Still Fantastic! The Dodgers and The Kings are Playing Great!


< June 5, 2012

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Magic Johnson & Matt Kemp SI Cover / Behind-The-Scenes Video

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.Lancaster Jethawks Game :5/26/12

The Dodgers season started the Sunday after The Lakers season ended! But I was still reeling from The Lakers shortened season, so I didn’t start paying attention to The Dodgers until I was driving home from work the following Tuesday night!

Which reminds me: Pray for the 8 people in Oklahoma City who were shot right after Game #5 ended. Apparently Dodgers Stadium is still not the safest place to visit, either, with yet another parking lot incident…

The Dodgers: What an amazing game they played that night! Go, Dodgers! A come-from-behind victory on-the-road? Down 5-0 and 6-1 early, I enjoyed the 9th inning driving home, Tuesday night, May 24, 2012, where they had just come back to tie The Arizona Diamondbacks in the 8th 6-6 before they took a 7-6 lead into the 9th and…

What happened?

Apparently it was yet another Dodgers miraculous end to a game that occurred without Matt Kemp in the lineup! He recently returned to the lineup only to re-aggravate his bad hamstring. Ouch! The Dodgers ecord is strating to falter a bit because of the loss of him in the lineup, but that’s what happens over the course of such a long season.

And… The Dodgers prevailed without Andre Ethier getting on base: he struck out!

Instead, it was Ivan deJesus, Jr. as a pinch hitter coming up with a 2-RBI line drive to deep right-centerfield! And then deJesus startes a 4-6-3 double play in the bottom of the 9th to end it? Wow! And that happened after the Dodgers pitcher got the first batter to strikeout on a wild pitch! Crazy enough to read, you gotta see it to believe it: I did when I got home. I’m still shaking my head, as I remember it, and review it in my mind!

Always more to come in a 16-game season!


The Los Angeles Dodgers have started off very hot, now 30-13. It’s been a long time since they have had a team with such a great chance to go deep into the playoffs! Hopefully this is their year. But this is definitely a great year for Kings fans!



Go, Kings! What can I say about The Los Angeles Kings? I have some good friends who are hockey-aholics, and maniacal for their Los Angeles Kings! So, I get fed information regularly, whether I like it or not! But they’ve been on “everybody’s” radar scope this season! The first 8th Seed in the playoffs to ever win a championship from any sport? 3-0, one win from securing a Stanley Cup Trophy for the 1st-time ever in franchise history? They have been spectacular! Go, Kings!

Check out the latest “Tweets” from the official L.A. Kings Twitter Account.

L.A.’s Local ESPN Coverage Wikipedia’s Kings History

Staples Center sure came alive Game #3 !!! It’s going to be rockin’ for Game #4, too!!!!

Go, Kings! You’re in the championship series: Yippeee!!!!

The only question remaining is: Who will they play?

Will it be The New Jersey Devils or The New York Rangers?

It all starts next week, Wednesday, May 30th!

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Go, Dodgers! Go, Kings! .


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My Lakers Recap to 2012 NBA Season

The Kobe Klock

I was not prepared for The Los Angeles Lakers season to end so early. Were you? In fairness, I used early, not suddenly, because The Oklahoma City Thunder look like the real deal as they now go up against The San Antonio Spurs to see who will represent The Western Conference vs. the NBA’s weaker East Conference teams! Maybe that’s not fair: Maybe The Miami Heat with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade & The Boston Celtics with Paul Pierce & Company deserve to be respected by me in a more appropriate way. My team is out! What do you expect? The Lakers are in the middle of “exit interviews“! But The NBA is still fantastic!

The NBA Draft 2012

NBA Top Plays NBA Playoffs Picture NBA Hangtime Blog

If I had to pick, before last night I believed OKC would take the crown!

But… The San Antonio Spurs played like they were a team on a mission!

The Spurs looked great, in the 4th Quarter.

OKC seemed to be incapable of preventing them from winning.

So, after just 1 game I could be swayed into accepting that

The Spurs will be the one’s eventually crowned 2012 NBA Champs!

By the way… I am not the only one who thinks Celtics v. 76ers is unwatchable! I just heard the ESPN LA 710AM Radio guys say so driving home! And The Heat have guys suspended for being thugs! So, I rest my case: The West is Best! Not to overlook the fact that we have Metta World Peace… Anyway, a fundamental, disciplined approach to playing the game of basketball as a “team” has been lost to the advertising-based, NBA-tweaked-rules desire of creating individual superstars! Very few teams in the NBA play as a “team.” Have you ever wondered why so few teams ever make it to the finals? What about…? It’s not that complicated. Go, Lakers!

Now that Oklahoma City beat The Lakers in Round #2, maybe I should be saying: Go, Thunder! idk

Kobe Bryant had an absolutely marvelous, miraculous last game on 18-33 for 42 points, but zero assists, in a 106-90 loss to The Thunder in Round #2. Kobe Bryant played with ligament damage in his shooting hand since the season first started! Any other player would have taken a seat, considered surgically repairing it, waited through rehabilitation – all the while collecting a big fat paycheck for doing nothing! Kobe played for the benefit of his teammates, The Lakers organization, and We The Fans that make up Laker Nation! The real miracle story in Los Angeles, though, is what The Dodgers and The Kings are doing right now! Wow!

The Clippers season ended in a most unmerciful way, losing to The San Antonio Spurs in 4 straight games. That was only one day before The Lakers did, but still… Will The Clippers always be junior to The Lakers in this town? I hope so! Would The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim please stop playing so pathetic if they’re going to steal a name for their team from outside of Orange County, please! But, Albert Pujols is starting to heat up and they do have great starting pitchers; so, maybe The Angels will get things on-track. Who knows? But The Dodgers have begun this season better than most in recent memory!

Jimmy Johnson Hendricks Motor Sports Jeff Gordon

Jimmy Wins @ Dover today!


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