The Los Angeles Kings Are Kings of Hockey, Talk of The Town, This Year!


< June 25, 2012

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Let’s go, Dodgers! Let’s go! Let’s go, Dodgers! Let’s go! Keep up your winning ways!

Go, Dodgers!


Instead, The Dodgers dropped 2 of 3 in a Freeway Series

with The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to now play The San Francisco Giants,

whom they have a 3-game series with and only a 3-Game advantage in the standings:

All of a sudden, things got interesting!


L. A. K i n g s A r e T r u l y N o w T h e K i n g s o f T h e C i t y ! ! !

Stanley Cup Finals 2012


1st Stanley Cup Trophy to Los Angeles Kings franchise, ever!

1st 8th Seed any sport to win a championship!

This was definitely a great year for Kings fans!



Check out the latest “Tweets” from the official L.A. Kings Twitter Account.

L.A.’s Local ESPN Coverage Wikipedia’s Kings History

Way to go, Kings! You are The Champions: Can’t wait ’til next year!!!!

• • ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ • •

Great job, Kings, representing Los Angeles!

.• • ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ • •


My Lakers Recap to 2012 NBA Season

The Kobe Klock

I was not prepared for The Los Angeles Lakers season to end so early. Were you? In fairness, I used early, not suddenly, because The Oklahoma City Thunder look like the real deal as they went up against The San Antonio Spurs to see who will represent The Western Conference vs. the NBA’s weaker East Conference teams!

Maybe The Miami Heat with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade was the best team this year: I was absolutely, 100% certain that a team from The Western Conference would take the Title. Surprised? You bet. OKC taking Game #1, I thought they would win the series in 5 games! But even though they played hard, it went Miami’s way: they stayed focused, LBJ didn’t falter like he did in years past during crunch time, the team came together, role players coming through at critical moments, they showed as a “team” that they deserved to be crowned as NBA champions: Way to go, Miami! In 5 games, winning the last 4-straight, The Miami Heat are the NBA’s World Champions of 2012!

The NBA Draft 2012

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Jimmy Johnson Hendricks Motor Sports Teammates Jeff Gordon

Kasey Kahne Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

NASCAR on Twitter!

Points Leaders

1) Matt Kenseth, 2) Greg Biffle, 3) Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,4) Jimmy Johnson, 5) Tony Stewart

Earnhardt broke his winless streak @ Michigan last week!

Yesterday: Jimmy Johnson started well @ Sonoma in 2nd Position behind

pole sitter Marcus Ambrose: Jeff Gordon was in 2nd after some early laps, Jimmy Johnson holding 3rd place…

Turn 11 is apparently the best spot for passing: Gordon into the lead, Lap 12!

And then,… I’ll have to catch the highlights… Family outing occurred. But: Yesterday’s Recap @ Sonoma below…

Clint Bowyer led the most laps, holding off Kurt Busch with a late charge for the win;

Tony Stewart vaulted 3 spots in the standings to make into into the Top 5.

Jimmy Johnson & Jeff Gordon ran well most of the day, finishing 5th & 6th, respectively.


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