The Los Angeles Kings were simply amazing!


What a magical ride to a championship season!


< June 30, 2012

JULY: “Blog” Off-Season

L. A. K i n g s A r e T r u l y N o w T h e K i n g s o f T h e C i t y ! ! !

Stanley Cup Finals 2012


1st Stanley Cup Trophy to Los Angeles Kings franchise, ever!

1st 8th Seed any sport to win a championship!

This was definitely a great year for Kings fans!



Check out the latest “Tweets” from the official L.A. Kings Twitter Account.

L.A.’s Local ESPN Coverage Wikipedia’s Kings History

Way to go, Kings! You are The Champions: Can’t wait ’til next year!!!!

• • ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ • •

Great job, Kings, representing Los Angeles!



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California’s Teams

Baseball Statistics


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Kasey Kahne Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

NASCAR on Twitter!

Points Leaders

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