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It’s Showtime now! Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

SoCal fans, there’s no point to spend another moment of time suffering from Dodger “blues.”

It’s time to put on L.A.’s royal clothes. It’s time for Lakers fans everywhere to be adorned in purple & gold!

The new owners of The Los Angeles Dodgers sure tried to do whatever can be done to put a playoff contender on the field everyday. But they discovered how difficult it is to overcome unrealistic expectations. If The Anaheim Angels had chosen to play Mike Trout from Opening Day, they may have made the playoffs. Similarly, The Dodgers had too much ground to make up once they made all the trades in August. Mattingly only figured out what the lineup should be about 10 days ago! Too little, too late. “Wait ’til next year!” Yeah, whatever.

The San Francisco Giants, once again, got to play “spoiler,” as St. Louis was leaving the door open for The Dodgers to make in into the post-season as a wild card team, losing last night. If only Ellis hadn’t tried to stretch a double into a triple in the 8th inning for Shane Victorino to have provided a game-tying RBI… But the pitcher may have pitched differently: the variables are too unknown for any presumptions to matter. The Dodgers lost; the season is over – after this last, meaningless game, today.

And so, SoCal has zero representaion in the MLB playoffs. We still have no NFL team, but the promise of a state-of-the-art Farmer’s Field with a City COuncil vote of approval recently!

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last Spring. The Lakers appear to be a playoff contender this year. And so, all eyes – at least from the base of SoCal fans – turn, in hopes of a grand & glorious season, to…

The Los Angeles Lakers!

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

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What a difference an off-season makes! Dwight Howard is now slated to be the starting Center of The Los Angeles Lakers for the foreseeable future! Or, did we still only rent him for one season? Yes, we gave up Andrew Bynum; but, we were able to keep Pau Gasol, which means we still have an amazing mismatch of height & length vs. most other teams. With Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash in the backcourt, I really, really, really like our chances at competing for the NBA championship!

We will be blending into the rotation Ron Artest, Antawn Jamison, Jordan Hill, Steve Blake, Devin Ebanks and Jodie Meeks… I like our bench! A lot! Wow! If only Dwight Howard wasn’t recovering from back surgery and only able to play after Christmas… Wait. What? Breaking News! Dwight Howard will be ready to play in the pre-season? Wow!

Wow! Alrighty then! Let’s go, Lakers! Remember: If we had dealt away Pau Gasol, we might have been buried beyond any ability to make up ground to get into the playoffs – if Dwight Howard had been unavailable prior to New Year’s Day, 2013. Now, we may come into the playoffs as the top-seed! I gotta believe we will be steamrollin’ our way through to the championship round – barring further injuries, setbacks…

Yes, the NBA is still fan-tastic! It is for Lakers fans, at least! Go, Lakers!

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I started to “blog”, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012. I find out in mid-August that I’m so outside of the loop on Lakers news that Kupchak’s been trying to deal Bynum for Howard for 2 years! If the “maturity issue” hadn’t become a huge problem for the organization, Andrew Bynum could have been a successful, highly-acclaimed Center for The Los Angeles Lakers – potentially eclipsing all previous ones! I wish him good luck, now able to play closer to home, playing for The Philadelphia 76ers! C’mon, Dwight Howard, sign a contract with us! Welcome to “Showtime”! Let’s get this “dynasty” team rolling!





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