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It’s Showtime now! Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

It’s time to see The Lakers put on L.A.’s royal clothes. It’s time for Lakers fans everywhere to be adorned in purple & gold!

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last Spring. The Lakers appear to be a playoff contender this year. And so, all eyes – at least from the eyes of SoCal fans – turn, in hopes of a grand & glorious season, to…

The Los Angeles Lakers!

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

< October 29, 2012 >


Dwight Howard will be the starting Center of The Los Angeles Lakers for the foreseeable future, starting tomorrow night, the 1st game of the 2012-2013 season! Yes, we gave up Andrew Bynum; but, we were able to keep Pau Gasol, which means we still have an amazing mismatch of height & length vs. most other teams. With Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash in the backcourt, I really, really, really like our chances at competing for the NBA championship! Now that The Thunder of OKC has lost a primary weapon when they mysteriously traded away James Harden to The Houston Rockets, the door has been opened wide for The Lakers to take full advantage of this opportunity to sail into the championship round this season! But for tomorrow night’s opener, at least, Kobe Bryant will not be in the starting lineup vs. The Dallas Mavericks, who will be without their star player, Dirk Nowitzki. It appears like it should be a very winnable game.

We will be blending into the rotation either Metta World Peace or Antawn Jamison to start at Small Forward, plus Jordan Hill, Steve Blake, Devin Ebanks and Jodie Meeks… I like our bench! A lot! Wow! If only Dwight Howard wasn’t recovering from back surgery and only able to play after Christmas… Wait. What? That’s right: I still can’t believe it’s true, but Dwight Howard will be ready to play in the season opener! He even played in the pre-season? Wow!

Wow! Alrighty then! Let’s go, Lakers! I like our chances of starting off the season with a win, since Dallas will be without their starting PF Dirk Nowitzki and also without their starting Center, Chris Kaman; instead, they will be playing Elton Brand plus a rookie, and The Lakers should be able to manhandle that situation to their advantage, with or without Kobe playing. The next night, in a back-to-back travel from home court to play in The Rose Garden of Portland vs. The Trailblazers may be a loss, if Kobe Bryant is still unable to suit up. So, that’s Tuesday/Wednesday, which is followed by a Staples Center matchup with The L.A. Clippers – again, tough to win without Kobe Bryant, but maybe the bench will perform better this year. maybe Steve Nash will be unbelievably great as he interacts with his new teammates. I’m excited about what Nash will bring to the table as he feeds the ball with great ease to Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol! Metta World Peace is ready to play.

Yes, the NBA is still fan-tastic! It is for Lakers fans, at least! Go, Lakers!

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I started to “blog”, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012. I wish him luck, now able to play closer to home, for The Philadelphia 76ers! C’mon, Dwight Howard, sign a contract with us! Welcome to “Showtime”! Let’s get this “dynasty” thing goin’!



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