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< July 30, 2012 >


What a crazy month July 2012 was for my family! Yes, the fireworks on July 4th were fun, we celebrated my dad’s birthday early because of our family vacation plans… and then…

My younger daughter, Isabella, broke her arm – just before loading everybody into the minivan for the trek to LAX: Oh, joy!

Not just any arm: she’s left-handed, and broke that one – thankfully nowhere near a growth plate, but both the radial and ulna broke, retracted, tearing at her arm’s soft tissue for over 24 hours, the morphine unhelpful for pain before the surgery took place. Dr. Antebi did do an exceptionally fabulous job repairing it, so much so that our vacation was only delayed 48 hours…

In the meantime, SoCal sports news got wild & crazy!

Matt Kemp returned to the Dodgers lineup, the Lakers officially signed Steve Nash as their much needed Point Guard of next season, and the Angels and Dodgers both make major moves before the trade deadline to improve their rosters? Say it ain’t so! If that wasn’t enough, Jimmy Johnson wins The Brickyard 500, and his teammate Dale Earnhardt, Jr. takes over 1st Place in NASCAR‘s Sprint Cup Series… Wow! And, The Olympics are underway! The NFL is making noise… The 49ers should be contending for the title this year, if all goes well.. By the way, I decided to play in at least one Fantasy Football League this fall – so far. That means: I will likely be paying more close attention to day-to-day activities during the football season, although it will still take a backseat to Lakers programming along the way… Just sayin’! Things are shaping up for a busy end to 2012!


The 2012 Olympics

When we first adopted Victoria, she would not pay attention to television at all, except when swimming events of the 2004 Olympics would commence! We had a tough time getting her into a bathtub, and “Splash, splash, the water!” was a fun way to make the whole experience more acceptable for her. Now, swimming is interesting; but, gymnastics is where it’s at! Mary, Victoria, Isabella… they’re all glued to the tube, especially for Women’s Gymnastics coverage… Go, USA!


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I started to “blog”, in my old age, as a lifelong Lakers fan, after I wrote a pro- Andrew Bynum piece on March 21, 2012…





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