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Nuggets Run Lakers Ragged

The post- All-Star Game winning streak by The Los Angeles Lakers ends at 3 games, losing in the high altitude of Denver to The Nuggets, 119-108 (Recap). Too much speed, too much athleticism from Ty Lawson & Company: The Lakers falter after beating Dallas the day before in a mystifying performance that can only be expressed with one word… #Kobe! Defense faltered tonight, technical fouls rained down on the court to begin the game – and at 12-12 The Nuggets began to pull away to a 10-point advantage they sustained throughout. That The Lakers were horrible at the Free Throw line wasn’t startling to Lakers fans this year, just a bit surprising after clutch shooting at the charity stripe propelled them to a win 24 hours earlier. #annoying

The Nuggets played without Danilo Gallinari (replaced by another former Knicks player, Wilson Chandler, who had come over to Denver in last year’s trade that sent ‘Melo to The Big Apple) but it just didn’t matter: the speed & quickness of Andre Iguodola & Kenneth Faried & Corey Brewer was coupled with the veteran savvy of Andre Miller into an unstoppable force. Tonight, though was Wilson Chandler’s night: he played great! The Lakers didn’t show much in the way of a defense that could stop the fastbreak by Denver, nor did anybody except Kobe & Dwight show any interest in rebounding. #disheartening

The Lakers falter, fail, and now re-group in hopes of eventually gaining enough momentum to propel them into the playoffs. For now, they’re still on the outside looking in. I tried earlier today to apologize to Bomani Jones for calling him a #bandwagon Lakers #fan, but apparently he blocked me for comments tweeted as such to him while he was at The Daytona 500. It was stupid, I apologized: I was jealous, envious. #bummed But I was happy to hear Jimmy Johnson won the race!

This was a game that could have seen The Lakers reach the .500 mark, finally. This was a game that would have shown they could beat a team that will make the playoffs, instead of just winning against 3 teams that won’t likely make it into the post-season round of action. The energy from Earl Clark has been zapped. Metta World Peace isn’t even laying like Ron Artest. I wonder who else MDA might turn to on the bench for some help: Devin Ebanks? #whynot

C’mon, Lakers! Let’s go!

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